Our story

eWAsTER involves 11 partners and 14 associated, in tandems of technical and political bodies, covering 8 countries – Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Cyprus – among MED regions trying to cover the larger possible Programme area, in order to represent the different casuistic of the waste management in the Mediterranean.

The following expertise profiles of partners were sought in accordance to the activities to be done in the project:

  • Public administration (Regional Governments and Municipalities), which can influence in the e-waste management policies at long-term in their territory
  • Organizations with scientific and technical knowledge, with experience in e-waste management and strategic planning, which will support the planning, piloting and solution
  • Sectorial experts, such as Business Centres or waste agencies with large experience in bringing actions to the practical level, to citizens and the society, which will guide the process of implementing Action Plans into the target groups

Project consortium

Lead partner:
Alentejo Science and Technology Park (PACT), Portugal

Project partners:

  • Ministry of Sustainability, Environment and Blue Economy (CSMAES), Spain
  • Municipality of Rethymno, Greece
  • Marche Region, Italy
  • Environmental Research Institute (ORZ), Slovenia
  • Municipality of Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities (UBBSLA), Bulgaria
  • Union of the Municipalities Pian del Bruscolo (UCPB), Italy
  • Provincial Waste Consortium of Malaga (RSU-Malaga), Spain
  • Association LiNK Entrepreneurial Center, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Aradippou Municipality, Cyprus

Associated organizations:

  • 14 associated regions, counties, municipalities, waste public companies, research centres, etc., complementing the partners in each of the countries