• Innovative Sustainable Economy

2nd Validation Workshop, organized by ORZ partner in Slovenia


During the period 9-10 July 2024, the second meeting with participation of all partners from the EWAsTER consortium was implemented successfully. The Environmental Research Institute (ORZ) hosted the event in Ljubljana and proposed different activities that accompanied the regular partners meeting.

>Day 1: The study visit started in Rodica (14km away from Ljubljana) at the Faculty of Biotechnology with presentation of the location ETRI community and their socially responsible approach, focused on preparing meals with the principle of reducing food waste. Through their activities and practices, ETRI community promotes sustainable cuisine by carefully planning menus, using locally sourced ingredients, and maximizing the use of all components. This approach minimizes food waste and raises awareness among students and the broader community about the importance of responsible food management for a more sustainable future.

  >>>Day 2: The Validation Workshop continued with presentation of the location, Reuse Center Ljubljana – a social enterprise focused on the collection, repair, and reuse of e-waste. Through its activities, it collects old electronic devices, performs diagnostics, repairs, and updates them for reuse. The Center also raises public awareness about the importance of proper e-waste management and offers workshops and educational programs to promote responsible handling of electronic devices. In this way, they reduce the amount of e-waste, extend the lifespan of products, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

All partners were involved in tour of the facility, hands-on workshops on repairing electronics, and discussions about their impact on reducing e-waste.


A presentation dedicated to ZEOS d.o.o activities was the official end of the 2 days program in Ljubljana. Zeos is a leading company in e-waste management, dedicated to reducing electronic waste through an extensive network of collection points, advanced recycling techniques, and public education initiatives. By partnering with governmental bodies and NGOs, Zeos effectively promotes responsible e-waste disposal and sustainable practices.

During two days events, project partners managed to discussed the EWAsTER forthcoming activities and to discovered some innovative approaches and good examples coming from Slovenia to minimized the environmental impact of e-waste, setting a benchmark in the industry and fostering a circular economy.